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We carry out a full cycle of production of furniture from composite materials - carbon and fiberglass
Stages of work
Idea and design development
We create products from the beginning of the idea and initial sketches.
Working in 3D and drawing programs
After approving the design, we create accurate drawings of the product and transfer them to 3D
Creating a prototype
Based on the 3D model, a full-size product prototype is produced on high-precision CNC milling machines.
Creation of tooling
A fiberglass matrix is removed from each prototype part for further replication of products
Cutting and laying of materials
Layers of materials are manually placed on the prepared dies in a certain order and at a certain angle
Vacuum impregnation
After laying, the materials are airless impregnated (infusion) with synthetic resin
Post-curing and post-processing
After impregnation, each piece goes through a complex cycle of heat treatment, through which the products gain maximum strength.
Then all the parts are coated with a resistant varnish and assembled into a finished piece of interior design.
Modeloni furniture is made of modern composite materials that have only recently been used in conservative fields such as aviation, professional motor sports, defense and space.

The carbon and fiberglass of which our furniture is made is the result of painstaking hand work combined with a sophisticated manufacturing process.

Carbon and fiberglass are produced by impregnating layers of dry reinforcing material (carbon fabrics, glass fabrics) with synthetic resins, which are pre-cut and placed in a given order and angle.
After impregnation, curing and temperature treatment, a high-strength material with excellent external characteristics is obtained.
Table comparing carbon fiber reinforced plastic and fiberglass with traditional materials.
From the table above we see that carbon fiber (carbon) and fiberglass have many technical advantages over traditional materials such as steel, aluminum and even titanium
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